Aphrodite of Knidos

Accession number 597
Collection of the original Rome, Vatican; Paris, Louvre (Kaufmann) / Arles
Dating of the original ca 360 BC
Material of the origin stone, marble
Deposited Hostinné
Cast dimensions Life size
Region Greece, Knidos
Period Classical period (Greece), Late Classical period (Greece)
Object type statue, Nude female statue
Dimensions 205 cm
Original location Knidos, Aphrodite sanctuary
Description Monumental nude statue. Cast of a Roman marble copy.
Additional information Reconstruction: Vatican torso and Louvre head


Aphrodite of Knidos

Aphrodite of Knidos, 597. In: Archaeological portal, KREAS. Available online: <https://archeologie.kreas.ff.cuni.cz/en/collection/aphrodite-of-knidos/> (accessed 19/04/2024).

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