Terracotta monkey head

Material terracotta, clay
Object figurine, small scale sculpture
Location 37.619006876461, 67.089569168322
Description Monkey’s head,fragment of a vesselʼs handl. Brought by a local inhabitant who found it at the bottom of a gulley not far from sector 02A.
Width (mm) 41
Height / thickness (mm) 22
Lenght (mm) 64
Vydáno Abdullaev, K. 2011: Terracotta figurines, appliques and gem imprints, in: Jandavlattepa I, p. 163, tab. 3.4, 2:4, fig. 3.4, 14
Bibliography (references) Akkurgan: Pidaev, Sh. (1978): Poseleniya kushanskogo vremeni severnoy Baktrii. Tashkent, p. 76, ris. 25:2.
Terracotta monkey head

Terracotta monkey head, 02A000.I. In: Archaeological portal, KREAS. Available online: <https://archeologie.kreas.ff.cuni.cz/en/finding/terracotta-monkey-head/> (accessed 16/10/2021).

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