Bronze coin

Number 07B000.I
Material bronze, metal
Object coin
Location 37.619219504752, 67.088825048385
Location Jandavlattepa
Project Jandavlattepa Excavation (Czech Archaeological Expedition in Uzbekistan)
Region Bactria - Tokharistan, Central Asia
Period Hellenistic period, Antiquity
Description Coin of Demetrios?
Season 2002
Diameter (mm) 29.7
Weight (gram) 21.5
Thickness (mm) 5.4
Published Abdullaev, K. - Stančo, L., 2003: Djandavlattepa: Preliminary report of the 2002 excavation season. Studia Hercynia VII, pp. 167, 168.
ID 07B000.I
Catalogue number 2
Bronze coin

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